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dc.contributor.authorMenzies, Dylanen
dc.identifier.citationMenzies, D. and Howard, D. (1998) The CyberWhistle, an instrument for live performance. Colloquium on Musical Informatics XII, September 1998, Gorizia.en
dc.description.abstractThe CyberWhistle is an integrated approach to a new electronic instrument, with emphasis given to aesthetic and practical considerations. It consists of a penny whistle1 fitted with sensors and electronics connected by cable to a desktop computer, a Silicon Graphics Indy. In contrast to many windcontrollers, the continuous position of the fingers is sensed. Audio is produced on multiple channels using various software synthesis methods, including waveguide modeling. The design of software and hardware have proceeded in parallel, which has helped in the musical unification of the instrument. The word cyber is chosen to reflect the welding of a ‘natural’ form, the whistle, with modern technology, and also, hopefully, the fusing of the player with the instrument.en
dc.titleThe CyberWhistle, an instrument for live performance.en
dc.researchgroupCentre for Electronic and Communications Engineering

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