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dc.contributor.authorMenzies, Dylanen
dc.identifier.citationMenzies, D. (1997) LAmb, an introduction and tutorial. Bourges Synthese, June 1997, Bourges.en
dc.description.abstractLAmb, from “Live Ambisonics” , is a single program application written for the Silicon Graphics Indy over the last year. It was originally conceived as a flexible new diffusion performance instrument for the electro-acoustic concert hall, and has since developed other capabilities to aid interactive and algorithmic composition. The novelty of LAmb lies chiefly in its application of ambisonic theory and the actual methods of performance control implemented. This presentation will first provide some background and motivation for the project. A tutorial is then given to guide the new user by demonstrating some of the functions. The accompanying User Guide provides all remaining details. LAmb cannot be properly evaluated without the use of a speaker rig. Fortunately a simple four-speaker horizontal arrangement, fed directly from the amplified Indy outputs, can produce excellent results.en
dc.titleLAmb, an introduction and tutorial.en
dc.researchgroupCentre for Electronic and Communications Engineering

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