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dc.contributor.authorRichardson, Martinen
dc.identifier.citationRichardson, M. (2008) Crystal beginnings II: The Mind Map of Holography. Practical Holography XXII: Materials and Applications (Eds Bjelkhagen, H.I. and Kostuk, R.K.), Proceedings of SPIE, 6912, pp 691208-01 - 691208-10,en
dc.description.abstractAt the SPIE Photonics West Conference held in San Jose in January 2006 I presented the first part of this paper outlining a concept for three-dimensional mind maps. With the help of a detailed questionnaire completed by members of the audience, we sort to gain detailed insight as to the future of holography, after all if you want to ask a question ask the experts who’s answers are based upon rational judgment rather than merely guessing. This paper is the result of that questionnaire and has been distilled with graphics for simplification. The paper also contains an appendix of twenty-two applications noted in the questionnaire by those expert holographers kind enough to participate in that Delphi.en
dc.titleCrystal beginnings II: The Mind Map of Holographyen
dc.researchgroupImaging and Displays Research Groupen
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Creative Technologies (IOCT)en

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