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dc.contributor.authorRojahn, Ruthen
dc.identifier.citationRojahn,R. (2012) Antibiotics and antiseptics for venous leg ulcers. Nursing Times, 108 (1-2), pp. 21en
dc.description.abstractA review of the effects of systemic antibiotics, topical antibiotics or antiseptics on the healing of venous leg ulcers found that there is currently no research to support the routine use of systemic antibiotics to promote the healing of leg ulcers. However, the lack of reliable evidence means that the discontinuation of any of the agents reviewed cannot be recommended. The effectiveness of topical preparations such as Povidone iodine, peroxide-based preparations, Ethacridine lactate, Mupirocin and Chlorhexidine in healing leg ulcers requires further research, but there is some evidence to support the use of Cadexomer iodineen
dc.subjectvenous leg ulcersen
dc.titleAntibiotics and antiseptics for venous leg ulcers: A review of the literatureen

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