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dc.contributor.authorRojahn, Ruthen
dc.identifier.citationRojahn, R. (2011) Educating patients to prevent diabetic foot ulceration. Nursing Times, 107 (47) p.27en
dc.description.abstractA review of the literature to explore whether educating patients can prevent diabetic foot ulceration. Findings were that there is currently no research to support the use of education alone to prevent foot ulceration and amputations. However, because diabetes has enormous and growing effects on individuals, increasing patient awareness of the implications of not caring for their feet must be part of educational packages and within all nurses’ health promotion role. The study does indicate that more intensive and comprehensive preventive interventions may be needed to achieve clinically relevant reductions in ulcer and amputation incidence.en
dc.subjectpatient educationen
dc.subjectfoot ulcerationen
dc.titleEducating patients to prevent diabetic foot ulcerationen

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