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dc.contributor.authorMartin, Johnen
dc.descriptionMartin has contributed 54 outputs to the New Oxford Dictionary of National Biography on the subject of agriculturalists and horticulturalists. (The following selection constitutes output 1 for Martin). Agriculturalists: Annesley, James (1715-1760) Annesley, Richard (1693-1761) Batchelor, Thomas (1775-1838) Brailsford, Mary (1791-1852) Brewer, Samuel (1669-1743) Broadhurst, Mary Adelaide (1857/8 - 1928) Daniel, William Barker (1754-1833) Doubleday, Henry (1810-1902) Dyke [nee Bond], (Millicent) Zoe, Lady Dyke (1896-1975) Fraser, Simon Joseph (1871-1933) Griffin [married name Grey], Elizabeth (1762) Kinnaird, George William Fox (1807-1878) Lawrence, Charles (1794-1881) Macdonald, Duncan George Forbes (1827-1884) Martin, Samuel (1694/5-1776) Orwin, Charles Stewart (1876-1955) Paterson, Rex Munro (1902-1978) Russell, Joseph (1760-1847) Street, Arthur George (1892-1966) Street, Fanny (1877-1962) Strutt, Edward Gerald (1854-1930) Talbot, Dame Meriel Lucy (1866-1956) Thompson, Sir Henry Stephen Meysey (1809-1874) Turnor, Christopher Hatton (1873-1940) Turnor, Edmund (1754-1829) Wells, William (1818-1889) Wilkins [nee Jebb], Louisa (1873-1929) Horticulturalists: Ekins, (Emily) Helen (1879-1964) Gordon, George (1806-1879) Hanmer, Sir Thomas (1612-1678) Hellyer, Arthur George Lee (1902-1993) Hillier, Sir Harold George (1905-1985) Hills, Lawrence Donegan (1911-1990) Rham, William Lewis (1778-1843) Rochford Family (1840-1932) Savill, Sir Eric Humphrey (1895-1980) Shanks, Alexander (1801-1845) Southcote, Philip (1697/8-1758) Tyso, Joseph (1774-1852)en
dc.subjectUoA 62 History
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.titleBalfour, Lady Evelyn Barbara [Eve] (1898-1990)en
dc.title.alternativeOxford Dictionary of National Biography

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