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dc.contributor.authorPei, Eujinen
dc.contributor.authorCampbell, R. I.en
dc.contributor.authorEvans, M. A.en
dc.identifier.citationPei, E., Campbell, R. I. and Evans, M.A. (2010) Development of a tool for building shared representations among industrial designers and engineering designers. CoDesign, 6 (3) pp. 139 - 166en
dc.description.abstractPrevious studies have demonstrated the importance of multi-disciplinary collaboration in New Product Development (NPD). As such, interactions between industrial designers and engineering designers have become increasingly important. This research project aims to build a shared understanding between the two disciplines during NPD. Following empirical research that revealed collaboration-related problem areas, as well as collecting data concerning the use of design representations, a card system was developed to provide information on the role and significance of design representations, leading to joint understanding, improved communication and creation of shared knowledge. When asked in the validation study if the system would foster collaboration, 68.2% of industrial designers and 63.2% of the engineering designers gave a good and excellent rating, indicating that the system could play a significant role towards the support of multi-disciplinary teamwork.en
dc.publisherTaylor & Francisen
dc.subjectvisual design representationsen
dc.subjectindustrial designen
dc.subjectengineering designen
dc.subjectnew product developmenten
dc.subjectproduct designen
dc.titleDevelopment of a tool for building shared representations among industrial designers and engineering designersen
dc.researchgroupInteractive and Media Technologies
dc.researchgroupDigital Building Heritage Group

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