• Art-AI Festival website 

      Harwood, Tracy (Other)
      A website developed to support the Art-AI Festival www.art-ai.dmu.ac.uk - led by Harwood, the festival was a collaboration with Phoenix, Highcross and Luba Elliott, sponsored by #DMULocal. The festival events took place ...
    • Doctor Physics WTF 

      Raczinski, Fania (Software)
      An online version of Fania Raczinski's PhD thesis. Converted from Latex to HTML with Pandoc.
    • Pamatamap 

      Raczinski, Fania (Software)
      An interactive PhD map based on Web technologies. Inspired by Faustroll's journey from Paris to Paris.
    • Pataphysics; what the fuck? 

      Raczinski, Fania (Software)
      A unique imaginary solution to the absence of problems. pata.physics.wtf is a poetic search engine, no more, no less. The system described and shown on this site is part of a PhD project entitled Algorithmic Meta-Creativity ...
    • Stacked Bar-Code Chart 

      Raczinski, Fania (Software)
      A new kind of graphic chart to visualise large scale document structure. Made using HTML and CSS only. Inspired by barcodes and stacked bar charts.