• At the First Clear Word 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
    • Between the Leaves 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
      Between the Leaves began when an output error turned John Cage reciting a series of small stories into a dense tapestry of noise; a fitting tribute, perhaps, for a piece created in the centenary of Cage's birth. The work ...
    • Déchirure 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
    • Electroacoustic Performance Practice in Interdisciplinary Improvisation 

      Andean, James (Article)
      The increasing mobility and accessibility of electroacoustic tools in recent decades has brought electroacoustic performance practice into ever-closer contact and collaboration with a broad range of other performance ...
    • The Friedman Translations 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
      The Friedman Translations is a work in two contrasting forms: Translation A is a work for tape, while Translation B is a live work for piano and percussion. The tape version, Translation A, is composed entirely from a few ...
    • Hyvät matkustajat 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
      Hyvät matkustajat ("The Good Travellers") began life as a 'sonic postcard from Finland'. This turned out to be only the first stop on its journey, however. The original material was later further developed as material for ...
    • In search of the Nordic electroacoustic 

      Andean, James; Bentley, Andrew (Book chapter)
      This chapter will examine electroacoustic music in the Nordic countries, with a focus on this question: is it reasonable to speak of a ‘Nordic identity’ in electro- acoustic music? An overview confirms that there is a long ...
    • Mahtavaa 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
      Mahtavaa (Finnish for "Wonderful") was originally composed as one section of an outdoor sound installation commissioned by the Sibelius Weeks festival in Jarvenpaa, Finland, which was entirely composed using newspaper and ...
    • Mezihlas -- Přeshlas -- Nahlas 

      Landy, Leigh (Recording, musical)
      This is the 5th composition in the Radio Series and consists of a stereo radiophonic version and an 8-channel concert version of 17'08" duration. It consists solely of samples from Czech radio broadcasts from late 2016 and ...
    • Narrative Modes in Acousmatic Music 

      Andean, James (Article)
      Beginning with a brief overview of acousmatic narrative, this article proposes that in listening to acousmatic music we select and move between distinct narrative modes, according to the requirements and implications of a ...
    • Outgribe 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
      "Outgribe" is a sound miniature that incorporates recordings of the mechanical and electrical apparatus of various radio and telecommunications exchanges, abstracted and 'aestheticized', and layered with 'distance ...
    • Psygeìo 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
    • Reconstructing Computer Music Works Ethos and Praxis 

      Dahan, Kevin (Conference)
      Computer Music is now 60 years old. During the last six decades, many systems – hardware and software – have been developed, used and abused to create musical works. Most of the older hardware is now decommissioned or in ...
    • Sound and Narrative: Acousmatic composition as artistic research 

      Andean, James (Article)
      This paper will discuss acousmatic music as a simultaneously musical and narrative art form. Acousmatic narrative will be considered from the dual perspectives of the composer and the listener, and we will investigate some ...
    • Space and Place in Electroacoustic Music 

      Andean, James (Book chapter)
      Sound plays a unique role in the human perception and conception of space and place. This capacity for sound to trigger this crucial dichotomy is carried over to the sonic arts, which are unique in their ability to include ...
    • A Temporal Basis for Acousmatic Rhythm 

      Andean, James (Article)
      In an attempt to begin to redress the relative lack of literature focused on rhythm in acousmatic music, this article is intended as a brief look at the acousmatic perspective on rhythm. This begins with a quick overview ...
    • Towards a Narratology of Acousmatic Music 

      Andean, James (Conference)
      Acousmatic works tend to operate on two simultaneous planes: a more abstract, musical level of gesture, phrase, colour, texture, and motion; and a narrative level, which references real-world objects, actions, contexts and ...
    • Towards an Ethics of Creative Sound 

      Andean, James (Article)
      This article examines some of the ethical issues involved in working creatively with sound. Issues considered include: sound ownership; sound vs. vision as determinations of identity, and their relative iconicity; recorded ...
    • Tsampouna 

      Andean, James (Recording, musical)
      Tsampouna is a tape piece that was made during a residency at Syros Sound Meetings, on the Greek island of Syros. It is constructed from a field recording of four local musicians gathered at a bar, casually performing a ...