• The Autistic Alice 

      There are two acts of recovery in this book – one of a lost brother, and another of a lost self. Joanne Limburg commemorates both in her third collection, The Autistic Alice. In its title-sequence she uses Alice in ...
    • Small Pieces: A Book of Lamentations 

      'My mother, my family and Judaism are nested inside each other. I am Jewish and always Jewish; it's analogous with family, however hard it is, and however strained, it can never be disavowed... I remain, as my therapist ...
    • The World to Come: Journey into a Jewish afterlife 

      Limburg, Joanne (Article)
      Judaism has a very distinct understanding of the afterlife. A sceptic, who has suffered her own losses, probes the faith in which she was raised and reflects on what - if anything - might follow death.