• 200 Words 

      Clarke, Louise (Article)
      200 Words is one of two short texts in the book of ideas by performance and endurance artist John Court published in 'an idea of performance a idea of art: By John Court' (Frame Contemporary Art, Finland 2017). This ...
    • 'The And Or Project: The Third Way' 

      McSherry, Streffen and Archino created "&/or" as a digital experience encouraging a reconsideration of how we reconcile the conventional demands of the museum and the academy with online media. This chapter presents the ...
    • Ark2000 

      Clarke, Louise (Image)
    • Art Open Competition 

      Clarke, Louise (Other)
      The Art Open at Harlow in an annual competition organised by The Gibberd Gallery. Louise Clarke was invited to be a judge along with Paul Hedge from Hales Gallery, London. The prize winner: Siobhan Dehaney, 'Nude Man', ...
    • Art School 

      Lucas, Anna (Video)
      Art School is a body of research that focuses on the pedagogical environment and the conditions of creative thinking & material making. The outputs are films that embed reflexivity in their concept, process and form, ...
    • Art School (Impersonal Life Exhibition) 

      Lucas, Anna (Book chapter)
      A catalogue published to accompany the exhibition Impersonal Life at Gallery 175, Seoul, curated by Songyi Son with artists Anna Lucas, Dakyuum Kim, Heeza Bahc, Jiin Juen, Sodam Lim
    • The Art World Whodunnit 

      Clarke, Louise (Image)
      A hugely publicised and popular fund raiser exhibition the brainchild of Suzie Allan at the Royal College of Art. Both students and famous, established artists exhibit small works together, their identities only revealed ...
    • Artificial Limbs 

      Clarke, Louise (Article)
      Devices - or any contrivance designed to mediate the artist's default mark making gestures - need not remove consciousness or intellect from the drawing process. Like a true artificial limb, they employ the pragmatic and ...
    • Assembly 

      Clarke, Louise (Image)
    • Beyond The Ivory Tower: impact and the arts practitioner 

      Streffen, Isabella (Book chapter)
      This chapter discusses how the new impact agenda can be a valuable opportunity for practice-led ECRs whose work might often be encountered outside traditional academia. Reflecting on Streffen's personal experience in the ...