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dc.contributor.authorRolfe, Vivien E.
dc.identifier.citationRolfe, V.E. (1999) Colonic fluid and electrolyte transport in health and disease. Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice, 29 (2) pp. 577-588en
dc.description.abstractmajor function of the mammalian colon is the absorption of water and electrolytes from the luminal contents that enter through the ileocecal valve. The absorptive capacity of the colon is influenced by the rate of passage of the luminal contents. To maximize the efficiency of these processes, there is close coordination between motility and absorptive functions. A balance between the benefits of prolonged time of contact between the colonic mucosa and the luminal contents and the adverse effects of accumulated toxic and carcinogenic metabolites is essential.en
dc.publisherVeterinary Clinics of North America.en
dc.subjectcolonic diseaseen
dc.subjectveterinary medicineen
dc.titleColonic fluid and electrolyte transport in health and disease.en
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.researchgroupBiomedical and Environmental Health

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