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dc.contributor.authorCattrell, A.en
dc.description'Sense' was made as a result of multidisciplinary research working with neuroscientists at Oxford University (Drs Morten Kringelbach and Steve Smith) and University College London (Dr Mark Lythgoe) during Cattrell’s ACE Helen Chadwick Fellowship in 2001, and then completed in 2003. FMRI brain scans were made of the areas of the human brain which are active when sight and hearing are stimulated. This was the first time that the inner physiology of the living human brain had been made in three dimensions, making what is perceived and sensed within the brain visible and tangible. The initial two senses made were Hearing and Seeing (exhibited in 'Head On (art with the brain in mind)', Science Museum, London, 15 March – 28 July 2002, co-exhibitors David Hockney, Richard Wentworth, Gerhard Lang, Tony Bevan, Claude Heath, Katherine Dowson, Andrew Carnie etc; catalogue ISBN 0-9542416-0-6 funded by the Wellcome Trust. Following this productive research period Cattrell continued to complete the 5 senses (Seeing, Smelling and Touch) while undertaking the first ever artist in residence at the Royal Institution of Great Britain (working with Director neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield) funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The completed work 'Sense' was initially exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Faraday Museum in the Royal Institution entitled 'From Within'. The artworks shown reflected the collaborative processes which occurred while Cattrell was artist in residence during 2002. 'Sense' is now owned by the Wellcome Trust and is exhibited permanently in their new museum in Euston Rd London. Reviews about 'From Within' Seeing Senses Martin Kemp, 'Nature', 3 July 2003 Art preview Sara Harrison, 'Time Out', 10-17 September 2003 Portret met Genen Merlijn Schoonenboom, 'de Volkskrant', Holland Science in Site, 'Nature', Vol 423 p385, 22 May 2003 Appliance of Science 'Art Review', 27 March 2003en
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.subjectUoA 63 Art and Design
dc.title‘Sense’ - comprising: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching: five sculptures (acrylic and rapid prototype) showing active areas within the human brain when experiencing the five senses made from data from FMRI brain scansen
dc.researchgroupFine Art Practices

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