The Calculus of context-aware ambients.

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Show simple item record Siewe, Francois Zedan, Hussein Cau, A. (Antonio) 2010-04-16T08:52:04Z 2010-04-16T08:52:04Z 2010-02-25
dc.identifier.citation Siewe, F., Zedan, H. and Cau, A. (2010) The Calculus of context-aware ambients. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 77 (4), pp. 597-620 en
dc.description.abstract We present the Calculus of Context-aware Ambients (CCA in short) for the modelling and verification of mobile systems that are context-aware. This process calculus is built upon the calculus of mobile ambients and introduces new constructs to enable ambients and processes to be aware of the environment in which they are being executed. This results in a powerful calculus where both mobility and context-awareness are first-class citizens. We present the syntax and a formal semantics of the calculus. We propose a new theory of equivalence of processes which allows the identification of systems that have the same context-aware behaviours. We prove that CCA encodes the π-calculus which is known to be a universal model of computation. Finally, we illustrate the pragmatics of the calculus through many examples and a real-world case study of a context-aware hospital bed. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Elsevier en
dc.subject context-awareness en
dc.subject process calculus en
dc.subject mobility en
dc.subject ambient en
dc.subject pervasive en
dc.subject ubiquitous computing systems en
dc.title The Calculus of context-aware ambients. en
dc.type Article en
dc.researchgroup Software Technology Research Laboratory (STRL) en
dc.peerreviewed Yes en
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