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dc.contributor.authorJones, Jason B.
dc.contributor.authorWimpenny, D. I. (David I.)
dc.identifier.citationJones, J. And Wimpenny, D. (2008) Customised rapid manufactured parts: technology and case studies from the custom-fit project. Time Compression Technologies 2008 Rapid Manufacturing Conference, Coventry, UK.en
dc.description.abstractThe design and manufacture of products which are individually customised to the precise requirement of the user, including anatomical matching, is generally restricted to bespoke clothing or footwear for very wealthy customers. The aim of the EU FP6 CUSTOM-FIT project is to develop a fast, flexible and economically viable route for the manufacture of individually customised parts. These products not only provide improved comfort levels but also provide better functional performance, including enhanced safety for the user. This 4.5 year , €16m project involves over 30 partners across the breadth of the Europe is now in its final year and this presentation will showcase the technology developed, including new body scanning technology, CAD packages which automate the design process and new rapid manufacturing methods and materials. The presentation will include case studies on a range of customised products, including customised seats for Ducati Motorcycles. The case studies not only demonstrate the performance benefits of individual customisation but also show the potential for new approaches to product design including both functionally graded structures and materials to achieve precise control of product performance.en
dc.description.sponsorshipEU Framework 6en
dc.subjectRapid Manufacturing, Customised Products, Custom-Fit, Mass Customisationen
dc.titleCustomised rapid manufactured parts: technology and case studies from the custom-fit project.en
dc.title.alternativeDigitally Customising Products for your Body, Bike, and Worlden
dc.researchgroupManufacturing Researchen

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