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dc.contributor.authorStockton, David
dc.contributor.authorSchilstra, M
dc.contributor.authorKhalil, R. A. (Riham A.)
dc.contributor.authorMcAuley, M.
dc.identifier.citationStockton, D.J., Schilstra, M., Khalil, R. and McAuley, M. (2007), Biological control processes and their application to manufacturing planning. Advances in manufacturing technology - XXI : proceedings of the 5th international conference on manufacturing research (ICMR2007) : 11th - 13th September 2007. pp. 259-264.en
dc.publisherICMR07 Conference Proceedings, De Montfort University, UKen
dc.subjectmanufacturing planningen
dc.subjectbiological control systemsen
dc.subjectmanufacturing control processesen
dc.subjectbiological control process
dc.subjectplanning and manufacturing control
dc.titleBiological control processes and their application to manufacturing planning.en
dc.researchgroupManufacturing Researchen

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