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dc.contributor.authorDubey, Indu
dc.contributor.authorTikka, D.L.
dc.contributor.authorRam, D.
dc.contributor.authorTikka, S.K.
dc.identifier.citationTikka, D.L., Ram, D., Dubey, I., Tikka, S.K. (2014) Socio-emotional factors in alcohol dependence. Indian journal of psychological medicine, 36(2), pp.153-157.en
dc.descriptionopen access articleen
dc.description.abstractBackground: Alcohol-dependent patients are traditionally believed to have insecure attachment styles, higher anger expression, and lower self-esteem. There is a need to study them together. Aim: To understand the relationships amongst various of the socio-emotional factors. Materials and Methods: Forty male patients with Alcohol dependence syndrome and 40 matched healthy controls (General Health Questionnaire-12 score <3) were compared on attachment styles (on Relationship Scale Questionnaire), anger domains (on State Trait Anger Expression Inventory), and self-esteem (on Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale). Statistics and Analysis: Comparison using independent samples t test and chi square test; correlation using Pearson's correlation coefficient. Results: Patients had significantly higher anger expression, 'anger in' and 'anger out,' and lower self-esteem than healthy controls. Severity of alcohol dependence had significant correlation with 'anger out,' and self-esteem had significant negative correlation with anger expression. Conclusion: The present study suggests that the socio-emotional factors studied are developmentally linked to each other.en
dc.publisherWolters Kluwer Health Incen
dc.subjectAlcohol dependenceen
dc.subjectattachment stylesen
dc.titleSocio-emotional factors in alcohol dependenceen
dc.funderNo external funderen

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