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dc.contributor.authorMwila, Natasha Katuta
dc.identifier.citationMwila, N. K. (2016). Managing ‘Selves’ and ‘Others’- The Identity-Social Network Nexus Challenge for Social Network Theory Application in Africa, Conference Proceedings, Africa Academy of Management 3rd Biennial Meeting, January 5-10 2016.en
dc.description.abstractManagement interventions in the African context largely rely on groups as a channel for resource dissemination. How Africa’s people identify themselves is intertwined with group formation in the workplace. In the African reality, identity and social networks inform one another. This unique phenomenon presents both challenges and opportunities for the scholarly and practitioner communities because these two concepts have largely been studied on the basis of mutual exclusivity. I present and analyse this nexus in the African context. I focus on the underlying assumptions of social network theory as it has been understood and applied in Western management perspectives. I conclude this paper with an analysis of African identity approaches to social networks and challenges for social network theory development. This paper is based on the results of extensive field work conducted in Zambia in the social networks of small and medium scale farmers.en
dc.publisherAfrica Academy od Managementen
dc.titleManaging ‘Selves’ and ‘Others’- The Identity-Social Network Nexus Challenge for Social Network Theory Application in Africaen
dc.funderNo external funderen
dc.exception.reasonEmployed by Monash University, South Africa at time of submissionen

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