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dc.contributor.authorBoydell, C. E.
dc.identifier.citationBoydell, C.E. (2002) Best of British. Crafts, Jan-Feb, pp. 38-41.en
dc.descriptionA study of fabric design for the fashion industry in the post-war period. To date this has been a much neglected area of design and textile history, in comparison to recent developments in fashion history and theory. The article is based on original research on the archives of the firm “Horrockses Fashions” and is an exemplary investigation of the relationship between archives, textiles, design processes, and social/historical context which can serve as a starting point for future researchers working on similar archival sources. Business records, fabric design and the fabrics themselves were studied.en
dc.publisherCrafts Councilen
dc.titleBest of Britishen

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