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dc.contributor.authorStout, Brian
dc.identifier.citationStout, B.R. (2002) Applying Effective Practice Principles to work with child sex offenders in South Africa. Acta Criminologica – The South African Journal of Criminology, 16 (1) pp. 14-20.en
dc.descriptionActa Criminologica is South Africa’s most authoritative peer reviewed criminological journal. This article is based on research considering services for adolescent sex offenders in South Africa. It draws on these findings and argues that effective practice principles could be of use in working with this group of offenders. The article was based on a paper presented to a conference on young sex offenders in South Africa, facilitated by the United Nations Development Project.en
dc.subjectRAE 2008en
dc.subjectUoA 40 Social Work and Social Policy & Administrationen
dc.titleApplying effective practice principles to work with child sex offenders in South Africaen
dc.researchgroupCriminal Justice, Policy and Practice

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