Inkjet-printed polyvinyl alcohol multilayers

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Show simple item record Salaoru, Iulia en Gibbons, Gregory en Zhou, Zuoxin en Morris, Peter en 2017-03-28T12:58:30Z 2017-03-28T12:58:30Z 2017
dc.identifier.citation Salaoru, I. et al. (2017) Inkjet-printed polyvinyl alcohol multilayers. JOVE, (in production) en
dc.description This is a video article en
dc.description.abstract Inkjet printing is a modern method for polymer processing, and in this work, we demonstrate that this technology is capable of producing polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) multilayer structures. A polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution was formulated. The intrinsic properties of the ink, such as surface tension, viscosity, pH, and time stability, were investigated. The PVOH-based ink was a neutral solution (pH 6.7) with a surface tension of 39.3 mN/m and a viscosity of 7.5 cP. The ink displayed pseudoplastic (non-Newtonian shear thinning) behavior at low shear rates, and overall, it demonstrated good time stability. The wettability of the ink on different substrates was investigated, and glass was identified as the most suitable substrate in this particular case. A proprietary 3D inkjet printer was employed to manufacture polymer multilayer structures.The morphology, surface profile, and thickness uniformity of inkjet-printed multilayers were evaluated via optical microscopy. en
dc.publisher JOVE en
dc.subject inkjet en
dc.subject digital en
dc.subject polyvinyl alcohol en
dc.subject viscosity en
dc.subject surface tension en
dc.subject additive layer manufacturing en
dc.title Inkjet-printed polyvinyl alcohol multilayers en
dc.type Article en
dc.researchgroup Emerging Technologies Research Centre en
dc.peerreviewed Yes en
dc.funder TSB (Technology Strategy Board) en
dc.projectid DIRECT (33417-239227) en
dc.projectid PCAP (27508-196153) en
dc.cclicence CC-BY-NC en 2017-01-09 en

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