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dc.contributor.authorDahan, Kevinen
dc.identifier.citationDahan, K. (2016) Gravitational Landscape (with tinnitus)en
dc.description11 minutes, 8 channelsen
dc.description.abstractGravitational Landscape is an experiment made of algorithmic procedures drawn from mathematics and/or physical laws (what happens when you compose without musical references?) using mainly unstable sound synthesis techniques (what happens when you compose without ears?). The aim of this piece is to explore rough textures, sounds and resonances (somes reminiscent of certain computer music compositions...) - and to bring in even more 'raw' chaos! Due to the uncertain nature - for music - of the techniques involved, it has been a constant struggle to find the correct parameters to prevent most of Thom's catastrophic singularities (hopefully avoiding a week-long tinnitus for listeners).en
dc.subjectmusic compositionen
dc.subjectsound synthesisen
dc.titleGravitational Landscape (with tinnitus)en
dc.typeMusical Scoreen
dc.researchgroupMusic, Technology and Innovation Research Centreen
dc.researchinstituteMusic, Technology and Innovation - Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2)en

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