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dc.contributor.authorPaul, Shashien
dc.contributor.authorManjunathan, Krishna Namaen
dc.identifier.citationManjunatha, K.N. and Paul, S. (2015) Investigation of optical properties of nickel oxide thin films deposited on different substrates. Applied Surface Science, online firsten
dc.description.abstractNickel oxide has been investigated for several potential applications, namely, ultraviolet detectors, electro chromic devices, displays, diodes for light emitting, transparent conductive electrode, and optoelectronic devices. These applications require an in depth analysis of nickel oxide prior to its exploration in aforementioned devices. Optical properties of materials were investigated by depositing thin film of nickel oxide on different substrates in order to understand if the choice of substrate can have effect on deducing various optical parameters and can lead to wrong conclusions. In view of this, we have investigated optical properties of nickel oxide deposited on different substrates (glass, transparent plastic, sapphire, potassium bromide, and calcium fluoride).en
dc.subjectOptical investigationen
dc.subjectSubstrate for nickel oxideen
dc.subjectBandgap of nickel oxide (NiO)en
dc.subjectIdeal substrate for NiO bandgap analysisen
dc.titleInvestigation of optical properties of nickel oxide thin films deposited on different substratesen
dc.researchgroupEmerging Technologies Research Centreen
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Engineering Sciences (IES)en

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