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dc.contributor.authorPatel, Ashoken
dc.contributor.authorRussell, Daviden
dc.identifier.citationPatel A., Kinshuk and Russell, D. (2002) Implementing Cognitive Apprenticeship and Conversation Theory in Interactive Web-Based Learning Systems. In: N. Callaos, M. Loutfi and M. Justan (Eds.) Sixth Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (July 14-18, 2002, Orlando, USA), Orlando, FL: International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, pp. 523-528en
dc.description.abstractCollin, Brown and Newman’s Cognitive Apprenticeship Model and Pask’s Conversation Theory, both explain the constructivist nature of learning and inform the design of suitable learning resources. This paper briefly discusses the key aspects of both the above model and theory, providing a practical example of their implementation in an intelligent learning system, which has been widely used in multiple institutions in United Kingdom and which was found in an independent evaluation to have achieved significantly improved student performance in the type of learning addressed by it. The paper focuses on cognitive skills acquired through interactive learning and suggests that the different phases of skill acquisition are due to semantically semi-synchronous conversations. It foresees even greater advantages of designing such interactive learning systems on the World Wide Web and briefly describes the exciting possibilities of distributing development effort to build up an inventory of multiple versions of configurable and extensible building blocks of learning systems that are adaptable to the implementing teachers.en
dc.publisherInternational Institute of Informatics and Systemicsen
dc.subjectCognitive Apprenticeshipen
dc.subjectConstructivist Learningen
dc.subjectConversation Theoryen
dc.subjectIntelligent Tutoring Toolsen
dc.titleImplementing Cognitive Apprenticeship and Conversation Theory in Interactive Web-based Learning Systemsen

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