Design and Evaluate a Fair Exchange Protocol Based on Online Trusted Third Party (TTP)

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dc.description.abstract One of the most crucial factors that e-commerce protocols should address is a fair exchange. In this research, an advanced method of cryptography coupled with the pay per use technique is used. A new electronic commerce protocol for the exchange of commodities is introduced. The proposed new protocol guarantees both features while addressing the main drawbacks associated with other related protocols. The new suggested e-commerce protocol is composed of two stages: pre-exchange and exchange stages. When the suggested new protocol is analysed with scrupulous protocol analysis, it attains fair exchange and a secure method of payment. The suggested new e-commerce protocol is more efficient than other related existing protocols. In this research “protocol prototype” and “model checking” is used for the purpose of authentication. The protocol prototype verifies that the suggested new protocol is executable when it's used in a real context. By experimental designs, this research shows the length of asymmetric keys as the biggest element that affects the efficiency of the protocol. When model-checking is applied in this protocol, the outcome indicates that the suggested protocol achieves the required features of fairness. Protocol extensions give those involved in the protocol the capacity to be resilient to failure. By using three methods of authentication, this research confirms that the new proposed protocol is well formulated. The work reported in this thesis first study the existing fair exchange protocols that solve the fairness problem. Then, propose more efficient protocol to solve the fairness problem. The original idea in this thesis is to reduce the communication overheads, risks and solve the bottleneck problems in the protocols that involve an online TTP. en
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dc.title Design and Evaluate a Fair Exchange Protocol Based on Online Trusted Third Party (TTP) en
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