Deposit Protection Law Reform in Russia: An Evaluation

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dc.description.abstract In late 2003 after two financial crises and many years of deliberation, the Russian Government introduced a deposit insurance scheme (DIS) aimed primarily at protecting the savings of the population. The DIS's stated objectives were to protect the right and legal interests of depositors, to strengthen public confidence in the banking system, and to encourage household savings. Recent official assessments of the scheme have been, at best, partial, have tended to use government statistics and have failed to establish a link between the banking sector outputs and the impact of the DIS. This thesis undertakes a detailed evaluation of the Russian DIS based on a comprehensive analysis of vast literature on deposit insurance schemes globally covering rationales for its establishment and its main features, as well as of the relevant Russian legislation and past attempts at evaluating the Russian DIS which were somewhat patchy. Adopting a cross-sectional, mixed methods approach, the study reports on the findings that emerged from a combination of surveys, interviews and observations conducted at six participating Russian banks in spring 2009. These were supplemented by documentary evidence from the banks and the Russian Deposit Insurance Agency. To facilitate the analysis and interpretation of the data, a theoretical framework was devised, and included a set of success criteria and impact indicators. The results of the analysis indicate that the Russian DIS does not appear to have fully achieved its stated objectives. Irrefutably, the Russian Government failed to establish an effective institutional and regulatory environment which could have enforced uniform provision of information about the DIS to retail depositors. This is evidenced by visible differences among bank practices in relation to the implementation of the DIS. Consequently, as a result of these variations in implementation, the retail depositors’ understanding of the DIS and its perceived impact differs depending on which bank they patronise. This research provides a number of original theoretical, empirical, analytical and methodological contributions en
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dc.title Deposit Protection Law Reform in Russia: An Evaluation en
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