An Investigation into the Data Collection Process for the Development of Cost Models

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dc.description.abstract This thesis is the result of many years of research in the field of manufacturing cost modelling. It particularly focuses on the Data Collection Process for the development of manufacturing cost models in the UK Aerospace Industry with no less important contributions from other areas such as construction, process and software development. The importance of adopting an effective model development process is discussed and a new CMD Methodology is proposed. In this respect, little research has considered the development of the cost model from the point of view of a standard and systematic Methodology, which is essential if an optimum process is to be achieved. A Model Scoping 3 Framework, a functional Data Source and Data Collection Library and a referential Data Type Library are the core elements of the proposed Cost Model Development Methodology. The research identified a number of individual data collection methods, along with a comprehensive list of data sources and data types, from which essential data for developing cost models could be collected. A Taxonomy based upon sets of generic characteristics for describing the individual data collection, data sources and data types was developed. The methods, tools and techniques were identified and categorised according to these generic characteristics. This provides information for selecting between alternative methods, tools and techniques. The need to perform frequent iterations of data collection, data identification, data analysis and decision making tasks until an acceptable cost model has been developed has become an inherent feature of the CMDP. It is expected that the proposed model scoping framework will assist cost engineering and estimating practitioners in: defining the features, activities of the process and the attributes of the product for which a cost model is required, and also in identifying the cost model characteristics before the tasks of data identification and collection start. It offers a structured way of looking at the relationship between data sources, cost model characteristics and data collection tools and procedures. The aim was to make the planning process for developing cost models more effective and efficient and consequently reduce the time to generate cost models. en
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dc.title An Investigation into the Data Collection Process for the Development of Cost Models en
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