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dc.contributor.authorBlair, Alasdairen
dc.identifier.citationBlair, A. (2002) Saving the Pound? Britain’s Road to Monetary Union. Prentice Hallen
dc.description.abstractThis book examines Britain’s position on monetary union through an examination as to how negotiating positions evolved within government and provides a micro-history of Britain’s negotiating stance on this important subject. In examining this subject Britain’s membership of the European Union and its negotiating position towards monetary union, a number of important issues are examined. First, what are the reasons for Britain’s traditional reluctance to play a full part in policy developments at the EU level? Second, to what extent has there been a merging of the traditional division between domestic policy-making and foreign policy? Third, what are the main influences in determining Britain’s negotiating position on monetary union? Fourth, what factors were responsible for advancing the cause of monetary union at the EU level? For instance, do theories of European integration provide an adequate explanation of events? Finally, what are the implications of Britain’s negotiating strategy within the EU and more particularly on monetary union?en
dc.publisherPrentice Hallen
dc.subjectBritain and Europeen
dc.subjectEconomic and Monetary Unionen
dc.titleSaving the Pound? Britain’s Road to Monetary Unionen

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