Global analysis of EnviSat Burst echoes over inland water.

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Show simple item record Berry, P. A. M. en Smith, R. G. en Benveniste, J. en 2012-04-27T10:14:51Z 2012-04-27T10:14:51Z 2012-05
dc.identifier.citation Berry, P.A.M., Smith, R.G., Salloway, M.K. and Benveniste, J. (2012) Global Analysis of EnviSat Burst Echoes Over Inland Water. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 50 (5), pp 1980-1985 en
dc.identifier.issn 0196-2892
dc.description.abstract Satellite radar altimeters have an established and increasingly vital role in monitoring the Earth’s surface inland water resources. This paper analyzes two years of EnviSat burst echoes (which have 3.9-m nominal along-track separation) over rivers, lakes, and ephemeral water globally to assess the increase in monitoring potential afforded by the higher pulse repetition frequency (PRF) of the next generation of synthetic aperture radar altimeters and investigate spatial burst correlation. Burst echoes at 1800 Hz are successfully retracked with no waveform averaging. The conclusion is that the higher PRF allows detection and measurement of water bodies on a far finer spatial scale because water is a very bright reflector at Ku-band and land in general is relatively poor, with pools of water a few tens of meters across being successfully identified. en
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dc.subject altimetry en
dc.subject lakes en
dc.subject remote sensing en
dc.subject rivers en
dc.title Global analysis of EnviSat Burst echoes over inland water. en
dc.type Article en
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