• The analysis of live and interactive electroacoustic music: Hans Tutschku - Zellen-Linien (2007) 

      Emmerson, Simon (Book chapter)
      An analysis of Hans Tutschku's work Zellen-Linien for piano and live electronics, starting from the listening experience and working back to the score and performance instructions.
    • Dreamscape 

      Emmerson, Simon (Musical Score)
      I wrote down a text describing a dream on the 11th April 2001. I see and hear music for piano, harpsichord and electronics – it suggests a piece based on the idea of resonance and changing colours. The visual description ...
    • Microvariations (in memoriam Jonathan Harvey) 

      Emmerson, Simon (Musical Score)
      The work consists of 35 short sections of music covering all the possibilities of the combinations of the instruments, each varying short fragments and gestures. The variations move through ‘local’ harmonies and tone colours ...
    • Microvariations II 

      Emmerson, Simon (Musical Score)
      Microvariations (in memoriam Jonathan Harvey) for instrumental quintet and live electronics was originally commissioned by Sond'Ar-te Ensemble (Lisbon) and first performed in March 2014. I compose at the piano and during ...