• Abwesenheit 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      The material that inspired this work was a short audio recording made in the garden of the Beethoven Wohnung Heiligenstadt where, in 1802, Beethoven spent the latter half of the year seeking respite for his failing hearing. ...
    • Allting Runt Omkring 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Allting Runt Omkring (Everything Round and About) grew out of my encounters with the Stockholm soundscape, which surprised me with its clarity and vitality — both above and below the ground… the chimes of church clocks ...
    • Apparitions 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Apparitions attempts to articulate a very personal response to the evocative qualities of four sounds, recorded in different locations: a train blasting its horns while passing through a small US town; part of the intoned ...
    • Letting the Ordinary Shine Through: British Acousmatic Music. 

      Young, John (Article)
      A critical review of acousmatic music in the UK, including brief analytical observations of some key works in the British acousmatic repertoire.
    • Moment Musical 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Moment Musical integrates short flourishes of piano sound with the spectral evolution of an evolving abstract soundscape.
    • Sweet Anticipation 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      This work is based largely on field recordings I made in New York. Despite the presence of some recognisable sounds, the intention is not to evoke a literal sense of place. Rather, I have aimed to investigate the energy ...
    • Three Spaces in Mid-Air 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Form, writes Nicholas Bourriaud, is ‘structural unity imitating a world.’ I have responded to this idea with Three Spaces in Mid-Air, which is designed as a continuous work in three discrete sections. Each explores the ...
    • Trace 

      Young, John (Other)
      This work presents an electroacoustically extended sound-image of the saxophone. Samples were recorded with the Swedish saxophone virtuoso Jorgen Pettersson and the source material includes two basic types: multiphonics ...