• 57mm Wavetable Protest Synth 

      Calling all activists, sound artists, and pseudo philosophers. Dirty Electronics and Max Wainwright will set up an in house press with live publishing straight to 57mm width paper roll. Contribute to the ‘scroll’ through ...
    • A-political piece 

      Landy, Leigh (Musical Score)
      This composition, for one or more sudophones, involves 'statements by one or more known contemporary politicians, ideally a text(s) that would amuse or stun the audience under normal circumstances' played via a 'dirty ...
    • Abwesenheit 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      The material that inspired this work was a short audio recording made in the garden of the Beethoven Wohnung Heiligenstadt where, in 1802, Beethoven spent the latter half of the year seeking respite for his failing hearing. ...
    • Acoustical correlates of perceptual blend in timbre dyads and triads 

      Achieving a blended timbre for particular combinations of instruments, pitches, and articulations is a common aim of orchestration. This involves a set of factors that this study jointly assesses by correlating the perceptual ...
    • Aeolian 

      Emmerson, Simon (Recording, musical)
      I have for many years had ideas for a piece based on the notion of Odyssey, that original story of journey – often frustrated – and eventual return. In recent years it has developed and become a multi-part project, encouraged ...
    • Ag 

      Battey, B. (Other)
      "Ag" is a live, generative audiovisual performance, commissioned and premiered by the Animator International Animated Film Festival, Poznan, Poland. More information is available at http://BatHatMedia.com/Gallery/ag.html
    • Allting Runt Omkring 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Allting Runt Omkring (Everything Round and About) grew out of my encounters with the Stockholm soundscape, which surprised me with its clarity and vitality — both above and below the ground… the chimes of church clocks ...
    • The analysis of electroacoustic music: the differing needs of its genres and categories 

      Emmerson, Simon; Landy, Leigh (Book chapter)
      This initial chapter in the book sets the stage for our edited book's content focusing on issues of how this type of music can be analysed and presented, issues to do with genres and categories and other foundational elements.
    • The analysis of live and interactive electroacoustic music: Hans Tutschku - Zellen-Linien (2007) 

      Emmerson, Simon (Book chapter)
      An analysis of Hans Tutschku's work Zellen-Linien for piano and live electronics, starting from the listening experience and working back to the score and performance instructions.
    • Apparitions 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Apparitions attempts to articulate a very personal response to the evocative qualities of four sounds, recorded in different locations: a train blasting its horns while passing through a small US town; part of the intoned ...