• Abwesenheit 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      The material that inspired this work was a short audio recording made in the garden of the Beethoven Wohnung Heiligenstadt where, in 1802, Beethoven spent the latter half of the year seeking respite for his failing hearing. ...
    • Allting Runt Omkring 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Allting Runt Omkring (Everything Round and About) grew out of my encounters with the Stockholm soundscape, which surprised me with its clarity and vitality — both above and below the ground… the chimes of church clocks ...
    • Apparitions 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Apparitions attempts to articulate a very personal response to the evocative qualities of four sounds, recorded in different locations: a train blasting its horns while passing through a small US town; part of the intoned ...
    • Beginnings and Endings 

      Young, John (Conference)
      This paper attempts to outline a framework for understanding implications of the musical devices used by composers in the opening and closing moments of electroacoustic music, with a particular focus on acousmatic music. The ...
    • Diffusion Enhanced Network of Inspired Sounds (DENIS) 

      Young, John; Harrison, Jonty (Recording, musical)
      An electroacoustic work created by John Harrison and John Young to mark the occasion of Denis Smalley's retirement from City University. The work was created from 63 sound files sent by composers from all around the world.
    • Figures of Speech : Oral History as an Agent of Form in Electroacoustic Music 

      Young, John (Article)
      Reflection on the author’s use of oral history recordings as source material in three electroacoustic works suggests ways in which complementary threads of storytelling and recorded memory can be shaped into purposefully ...
    • Forming Form: The bigger picture of electroacoustic music. 

      Young, John (Book chapter)
      Electroacoustic music’s foundation in the electronic mediation of sound—recorded, ‘live’ processed or historical—has opened up the possibility of bringing together sounds of more diverse provenance than ever before for the ...
    • Hidden Spaces 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Hidden Spaces is an electroacoustic work in three sections. Each section frames field recordings made by me in different locations - 'found' sounds that had an unusual or interesting quality, intensified by the use of ...
    • Letting the Ordinary Shine Through: British Acousmatic Music. 

      Young, John (Article)
      A critical review of acousmatic music in the UK, including brief analytical observations of some key works in the British acousmatic repertoire.
    • Listening Back and Shaping Form 

      Young, John (Conference)
      This paper discusses the use of recorded audio testimonies as agents of meaning through electroacoustic music. The paper departs from the notion that sound recording is a significant act in itself, and that a recorded voice ...
    • Magnetic Resonance 

      Young, John (Musical Score)
      'Magnetic Resonance' (2017) was created for pianist Xenia Pestova and the magnetic resonator piano developed by Andrew McPherson at the Queen Mary University of London. The magnetic resonator mechanism is a non-invasive ...
    • Moment Musical 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Moment Musical integrates short flourishes of piano sound with the spectral evolution of an evolving abstract soundscape.
    • Once He Was a Gunner 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Notes accompanying the premier broadcast (Radio New Zealand Concert, 3 October 2020): Once He Was a Gunner is an electroacoustic documentary work based on the Second World War memories of the composer’s father, Alex ...
    • Oral History as Form 

      Young, John (Conference)
      This paper examines the use of oral history sound recording as a core element in electroacoustic music. Two main examples are used, both works by this author: ‘An Angel at Mons’, a 16-channel acousmatic work, and ‘Red ...
    • Partial Objects: Acousmatic Spectralism 

      Young, John (Conference)
      This paper addresses spectralist approaches to composition in acousmatic music. As Murail (2005) asserts, electroacoustic music in general has widened the composer’s range of sound materials and stimulated new ways of ...
    • The Shock of Risk 

      Young, John (Conference)
      This paper contends that risk is an important element in our appreciation and understanding of art works and examines the idea and perception of risk within acousmatic music. The chief value of artistic risk is arguably ...
    • Smoke and Mirrors 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      Programme note:This work attempts to embody my feelings about the way the natural sound world has a profound role in electroacoustic music. In one sense the forms, patterns and associations of environmental phenomena are ...
    • Spectral Domains 

      Young, John (Musical Score)
      Spectral Domains deals with the kinds of ambiguities between timbre and harmony that can be made possible through interaction between electroacoustically transformed sonorities and instrumental ones. Piano, violin and ...
    • Spirit 

      Young, John (Musical Score)
      The initial idea for this piece came from a recording of the Duomo bell in the Italian town of Forlì. I made the recording to use as one of the core materials in a radiophonic work, Ricordiamo Forlì (2005), which narrates ...
    • Sweet Anticipation 

      Young, John (Recording, musical)
      This work is based largely on field recordings I made in New York. Despite the presence of some recognisable sounds, the intention is not to evoke a literal sense of place. Rather, I have aimed to investigate the energy ...