User performance of gaze-based interaction with on-line virtual communities.

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Show simple item record Vickers, Stephen Istance, Howell Hyrskykari, A. Ali, N. 2011-12-12T10:45:02Z 2011-12-12T10:45:02Z 2008
dc.identifier.citation Istance, H.,Hyrskykari, A., Vickers, S. and Ali, N. (2008) User Performance of Gaze-Based Interaction with On-line Virtual Communities. The 4th Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction – COGAIN 2008: Communication, Environment and Mobility Control by Gaze, pp. 28-32 en
dc.identifier.isbn 9788001041512
dc.description.abstract We present the results of an investigation into gaze-based interaction techniques with on-line virtual communities. The purpose of this study was to gain a better understanding of user performance with a gaze interaction technique developed for interacting with 3D graphical on-line communities and games. The study involved 12 participants each of whom carried out 2 equivalent sets of 3 tasks in a world created in Second Life. One set was carried out using a keystroke and mouse emulator driven by gaze, and the other set was carried out with the normal keyboard and mouse.. The study demonstrates that subjects were easily able to perform a set of tasks with eye gaze with only a minimal amount of training. It has also identified the causes of user errors and the amount of performance improvement that could be expected if the causes of these errors can be designed out en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.subject gaze control en
dc.subject games en
dc.subject evaluation en
dc.subject virtual communities en
dc.title User performance of gaze-based interaction with on-line virtual communities. en
dc.type Conference en
dc.researchgroup Centre for Computational Intelligence en
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