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dc.contributor.authorBoydell, C. E.en
dc.identifier.citationBoydell, C.E. (2004) Fashioning identities: Gender, clss and the self. Journal of Contemporary History, 39(1), pp. 136-146.
dc.descriptionThis article focused on four publications from Berg’s ‘Dress, Body and Culture’ series. It situates these publications within the context of the development of dress and fashion studies and acknowledges dress and adornment as universal practices which aid our understanding of our individual and collective attempts to express identities. This article utilises a discussion and analysis of these publications to reflect on the current state of fashion theory and research. Drawing on the writer’s own extensive knowledge of fashion history and theory, the essay intervened in debates about fashion and identity and argued that studies of fashion have come of age. Researchers in fashion history and theory display rigorous methods and creative interdisciplinary theories and methods of study, and should stop apologising for their focus on the supposedly “frivolous” field of fashion studies. This should now be accepted as a valid area of serious academic study.en
dc.publisherJournal of Contemporary Historyen
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.subjectUoA 63 Art and Design
dc.titleFashioning identities: gender, class and the selfen
dc.researchgroupDesign and New Product Development

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