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dc.identifier.citation Cattrell, A., 6 October - 1 December 2006. Arresting. London. Anne Faggionato Gallery.
dc.identifier.isbn 0-9547277-1-1
dc.description The art works shown in 'Arresting' were multidisciplinary involving the collaboration of art, science and technology. For 'Centred' (1 and 2) the research team comprised technologists, engineers, medical specialists (Prof David Wimpenny, Bob Borrel of DMU, Dr Richard Wellings and Dr Sarah Wayte of Coventry Walsgrave Hospital) and Cattrell who both directed the project and was the scanned subject. The collaboration was funded by an AHRC and Arts Council (ACE) Arts and Science Research Fellowship. The research aimed to make the human living (moving) heart visible in plastic three dimensional form. The project therefore posed specific technical and conceptual questions which challenged both art and science. Firstly can MRI scan data (when combined in three dimensions) fully reflect the inner and outer workings of the human heart? Secondly, can the MRI data be used to create sculptures which explore the felt but unseen within the living human? Thirdly can this novel combination of approaches (medical, technical and artistic) add to the overall understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the living heart? Using a variety of rigorous experimental new MRI sequences of the artist’s heart, the unique data was edited and combined digitally to build 3D rapid prototyped sculptures. The digital voxals (volumetric pixels) from the MRI body scans were combined and modelled in three dimensions allowing a new physical rendering of the living heart. This data was then rapid prototyped into SLA and SLA sculptures. 'Arresting' contributed to an invitation for Cattrell to propose a permanent sculpture for the Royal Institution of Great Britain, and to being selected to make a new artwork for the Sculpture Trail at Forest of Dean. The director of Glaxo Smith Klein Beecham commissioned a work from Cattrell for the foyer of the new purpose built MRI scan Centre at Hammersmith Hospital. en
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dc.subject RAE 2008
dc.subject UoA 63 Art and Design
dc.title Arresting en
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