Strange manifestations of three-dimensional intelligence in the digital era

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Show simple item record Richardson, Martin en Brown, Stephen C. 2008-12-11T13:10:29Z 2008-12-11T13:10:29Z 2004-11-17 en
dc.identifier.citation RICHARDSON, M. and Brown, S.(2004) Strange Manifestations of Three-Dimensional Intelligence in the Digital Era. In: International Design Research Society Conference, Melbourne, November 2004. Melbourne:Futureground.
dc.identifier.isbn 0-9756060-5-0 en
dc.description This paper was delivered to the International Design Society Conference in Melbourne, Australia, in 2004. Significantly, It was the first time a paper on holography had been accepted by the Society. The paper explores a perspective on the use of holographic recording methods within design practice. Its theme argues that, like photography, digital holography is certainly more than a recording medium. It is a tool that can substantiate new designs, (via computer generated graphics), that previously could not exist and demonstrate results that cannot be anticipated or predicted within the final hologram. This gives rise to some extremely interesting results such as the ability to display both the inside and outside of an object simultaneously on the same surface. This is a phenomenon known as ‘psudoscopic. This, blurring of reality is explored and detailed drawing from examples where holography has been used effectively in fine art and commercial design practice. This forms the bases of a novel design tool where designers can explore new, and to date, unseen techniques for designing more appropriate to function. The challenge however, is in the extreme reality of these holograms and the debate they beckon as to our understanding of what we mean by "real" when the essential ambiguity is as unsettling as their verisimilitude is reassuring in a post-McLuhan age of "virtual reality" experiences, "reality TV" spectacles and "celebrities". en
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dc.subject UoA 63 Art and Design
dc.title Strange manifestations of three-dimensional intelligence in the digital era en
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dc.researchgroup Photographic Studies and Creative Imaging
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