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dc.contributor.authorMilanov, Andrian P.
dc.contributor.authorThiede, Tobias
dc.contributor.authorHellwig, Malte
dc.contributor.authorParala, Harish
dc.contributor.authorBock, Claudia
dc.contributor.authorBecker, Hans-Werner
dc.contributor.authorNgwashi, Divine K.
dc.contributor.authorCross, R. B. M.
dc.contributor.authorPaul, Shashi
dc.contributor.authorUkunze, Ulrich
dc.contributor.authorFischer, Roland A.
dc.contributor.authorDevi, Anjana
dc.identifier.citationMilanov, A. P. (2009) Rare-Earth based Oxide and Nitride thin films employing volatile homoleptic guanidinate precursors. ECS Transactions. 25 (8), pp.143-150.en
dc.description.abstractThe application of the metalorganic compound tris(N,N'-diisopropyl-2-dimethlyamidoguanidinato)gadolinium(III) (1) as a precursor for MOCVD of Gd2O3 is discussed. Depositions were carried out in the presence of oxygen at reduced pressure and varying the substrate temperature in the range 300 - 700{degree sign}C. Employing a multi-technique approach (XRD, SEM, AFM, EDX, RBS, SNMS, SE, C-V), variations of the growth characteristics and film properties with deposition temperature are studied in terms of crystallinity, structure, surface roughness, composition, optical and electrical properties. In addition, the use of 1 as single source precursor for the MOCVD of GdN thin films is also demonstrated.en
dc.publisherThe Electrochemical Societyen
dc.subjectrare-earth high-k materialsen
dc.subjectlow temperature depositionen
dc.subjectC-V analysisen
dc.titleRare-Earth based Oxide and Nitride thin films employing volatile homoleptic guanidinate precursors.en
dc.researchgroupEmerging Technologies Research Centreen
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Engineering Sciences (IES)en

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