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dc.contributor.authorPrime, Dominic
dc.contributor.authorPaul, Shashi
dc.identifier.citationPrime, D. and Paul, S. (2009) Electrical and morphological properties of polystyrene thin films for organic electronic applications. Vacuum, 84 (10), pp. 1240-1243.en
dc.description.abstractThis study investigates the electrical and morphological properties of polystyrene layers in the nanometre thickness range for organic and polymer based electronic applications. The paper aims to providing conduction data and information on trapped charges present in the polystyrene layer, as well as investigating how polystyrene properties change under differing annealing conditions. The maximum dielectric strength was found to be 4.0 MV cm−1, while fixed trapped charge and mobile trapped charge average densities were calculated to be 9.9 × 10^11 cm−2 and 2.6 × 10^12 cm−2 respectively. Optimum electrical characteristics were obtained at an anneal temperature of 90 °C, which is just below the glass transition temperature for polystyrene.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThe first author would like to thank the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council EPSRC and the National Physical Laboratory NPL for the financial support received for his studentship. The second author would like to thank EPSRC for the financial support Grant No. EP/ E047785/1.en
dc.subjectthin filmen
dc.subjectorganic electronicsen
dc.titleElectrical and morphological properties of polystyrene thin films for organic electronic applications.en
dc.researchgroupEmerging Technologies Research Centreen
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Engineering Sciences (IES)en

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