Accurate temperature measurements on semiconductor devices.

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dc.description.abstract Self-heating can have a detrimental effect on the performance and reliability of high power microwave devices. In this work, the thermal performance of the gallium arsenide (GaAs) Gunn diode was studied. Infrared (IR) thermal microscopy was used to measure the peak operating temperature of the graded-gap structured device. Temperature measurements were experimentally validated using micro-thermocouple probing and compared to values obtained from a standard 1D thermal resistance model. Thermal analysis of the conventionally structured Gunn diode was also undertaken using high resolution micro-Raman temperature profiling, IR thermal microscopy and electro/thermal finite element modeling. The accuracy of conventional IR temperature measurements, made on semiconductor devices, was investigated in detail. Significant temperature errors were shown to occur in IR temperature measurements made on IR transparent semiconductors layers and low emissivity/highly reflective metals. A new technique, employing spherical carbon microparticles, was developed to improve the measurement accuracy on such surfaces. The new ‘IR microparticle’ technique can be used with existing IR microscopes and potentially removes the need to coat a device with a high emissivity layer, which causes damage and heat spreading. en
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dc.title Accurate temperature measurements on semiconductor devices. en
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