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dc.contributor.authorYang, Hongjien
dc.contributor.authorChu, William Cheng Chungen
dc.contributor.authorHe, X.en
dc.identifier.citationYang, H., Chu, W.C. and He, X. (2003) A new approach to verify rule-based systems using Petri Nets. Journal of Information and Software Technology, 45(10), pp. 663-669.en
dc.descriptionVarious graphical techniques were proposed recently to analyse various types of structural errors, including inconsistency (conflict rules), incompleteness (missing rules), redundancy (redundant rules), and circularity (circular depending rules), in rule-based systems in which rules can be represented in propositional logic. In this paper a special reachability graph technique is presented based on vnets (a special type of low-level petri nets) to detect all of the above types of structural errors. This new technique is simple, efficient, and can be easily automated, which provides its major strength.en
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.subjectUoA 23 Computer Science and Informatics
dc.titleA new approach to verify rule-based systems using Petri Netsen
dc.researchgroupInstitute of Creative Technologies
dc.researchgroupSoftware Technology Research Laboratory (STRL)

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