The prime illusion

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dc.identifier.citation Richardson, M. (2006) The prime illusion. In: Jeong, T.H. et al eds. Advances In Display Holography, 7th International Symposium on Display Holography, 2006 vol. 7. pp.141-144. en
dc.identifier.isbn 0-9553527-1-1
dc.description.abstract This paper argues that modern holography is an emerging technology, which offers the opportunity of substituting real museum objects with the third-dimension of holographic space. It draws on real experience in the field and in particular a factual incident which occurred in 2004 when the author was contacted by Professor Gunter Von Hargan to replace his human exhibits, calvaders, in ‘BODY-WORLDS, with life size holograms. The paper gives a factual account of this unusual request and its research outcome. A survey was conducted and parallels were identified with early photographic process where photography was used in early forensics. Also the work of Dr Hans Bjelkhagan is detailed where more up-to-date holographic recordings of cadavers are used for medical post-mortems recorded by HOLICON Corp., Evanston, Illinois, USA, in 1992. Significantly it explores the technology as 'Art'. Those who take an interest in the science of modern holography will equally find interest in the explanation and theory of coherent light and the methods employed to capture it exploding the limitations of its forbearers and launching its new development as ‘hyper-media’. Its ultimate conclusion however, suggests audiences, and those some who use it, aren't intrigued by technology, they are more concerned with fantasy. This paper was later developed and enlarged for another document “Ethereal Presences in Holography and Photography” which was presented and published In the Practical Holography Materials and Applications, SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering 2007 Conference Proceedings. en
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dc.title The prime illusion en
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