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dc.contributor.authorFord, Peter B.
dc.contributor.authorMarsden, Michael
dc.identifier.citationFord, P. and Marsden, M. (2004) CAD and fostering creativity within the studio environment. The Changing Face of Design Education, 2nd International Engineering and Product Design in Education Conference,NIVO, Deft, Netherlands. 2-3 September 2004. pp. 617-622.en
dc.description.abstractComputer Aided Design (CAD) has traditionally been taught in isolation to design disciplines, being viewed as a service rather than an integrated element of the creative design process. Curriculum development of Product, Furniture and Industrial Design at De Montfort University led to the creation of a dedicated CAD facility prompting the debate of its effective use as a learning and teaching tool.en
dc.titleCAD and fostering creativity within the studio environmenten

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