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dc.contributor.authorKramer, Peteren
dc.identifier.citationKrämer, P. (2018) Toy Story, Pixar and Contemporary Hollywood. In: Noel Brown, Susan Smith and Sam Summers, eds, Toy Story: How Pixar Reinvented the Animated Feature, London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 2-20en
dc.description.abstractIn this chapter I situate the Toy Story films in the context of Pixar’s overall output, and also within hit patterns at the US box office and in Hollywood’s export markets. I pay particular attention to the increasing box office dominance of adaptations and sequels, and highlight Pixar’s role as one of the few hugely successful generators of new stories (that is, stories that are neither adapted from other sources nor sequels to previous films) in contemporary Hollywood. I then examine both the first Toy Story film and its two sequels in terms of the rather complex and very peculiar stories they tell.en
dc.publisherBloomsbury Academicen
dc.subjectbox office trendsen
dc.subjectfamily-adventure moviesen
dc.titleToy Story, Pixar and Contemporary Hollywooden
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.researchinstituteCinema and Television History Institute (CATHI)en

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