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dc.contributor.authorBoukari, Y.en
dc.contributor.authorQutachi, Omaren
dc.contributor.authorScurr, D.J.en
dc.contributor.authorMorris, A.P.en
dc.contributor.authorDoughty, S.W.en
dc.contributor.authorBilla, N.en
dc.identifier.citationBoukari, Y., Qutachi, O., Scurr, D.J., Morris, A.P., Doughty, S.W., Billa, N. (2017) A dual-application poly (dl-lactic-co-glycolic) acid (PLGA)-chitosan composite scaffold for potential use in bone tissue engineering. Journal of Biomaterials Science (Polymer Edition), 28(16), pp.1966-1983.en
dc.descriptionThe author's final peer reviewed version can be found by following the URI link. The Publisher's final version can be found by following the DOI link.en
dc.description.abstractThe development of patient-friendly alternatives to bone-graft procedures is the driving force for new frontiers in bone tissue engineering. Poly (dl-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) and chitosan are well-studied and easy-to-process polymers from which scaffolds can be fabricated. In this study, a novel dual-application scaffold system was formulated from porous PLGA and protein-loaded PLGA/chitosan microspheres. Physicochemical and in vitro protein release attributes were established. The therapeutic relevance, cytocompatibility with primary human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) and osteogenic properties were tested. There was a significant reduction in burst release from the composite PLGA/chitosan microspheres compared with PLGA alone. Scaffolds sintered from porous microspheres at 37 °C were significantly stronger than the PLGA control, with compressive strengths of 0.846 ± 0.272 MPa and 0.406 ± 0.265 MPa, respectively (p < 0.05). The formulation also sintered at 37 °C following injection through a needle, demonstrating its injectable potential. The scaffolds demonstrated cytocompatibility, with increased cell numbers observed over an 8-day study period. Von Kossa and immunostaining of the hMSC-scaffolds confirmed their osteogenic potential with the ability to sinter at 37 °C in situ.en
dc.publisherTaylor & Francisen
dc.subjectPolymeric biomaterialsen
dc.subjectcontrolled deliveryen
dc.subjectpoly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA)en
dc.subjectprotein deliveryen
dc.subjecttissue engineeringen
dc.subjectmechanical propertiesen
dc.titleA dual-application poly (dl-lactic-co-glycolic) acid (PLGA)-chitosan composite scaffold for potential use in bone tissue engineeringen
dc.researchinstituteLeicester Institute for Pharmaceutical Innovation - From Molecules to Practice (LIPI)en

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