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dc.contributor.authorDavis, H.en
dc.contributor.authorChen, Limingen
dc.contributor.authorZalfan, M.en
dc.contributor.authorMillard, D.en
dc.contributor.authorTao, F.en
dc.identifier.citationTao, Feng, Millard, Dave, Zalfan, Mohd, Chen, Liming and Davis, Hugh (2007) Knowledge based Learning Experience Management on the Semantic Web At IADIS International Conference of e-Learning, Portugal. 06 - 08 Jul 2007.en
dc.description.abstractLearners engaged in informal learning tasks often find sharing their learning experience to be helpful. Informally, a learning experience describes what a learner has done, with what learning resources. We explore technological issues in a semantic web driven learning experience management architecture that supports collaborative learning, i.e., learning by reusing, sharing experience and building knowledge together within a particular domain. We demonstrate that by exploiting the semantic web technology, it is possible to manage the learning resources more intelligently through the use of semantically annotated learning experiences. Work has been done in line with the knowledge life cycle, from building ontology on learning experience, creating semantic annotation to reusing semantics for the learning experience management. Functionalities of ontology management, semantic annotation and reuse have been provided in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). We give a scenario in which the system can be used to assist collaborative learning in different domains through learning experience sharing and knowledge construction.en
dc.titleKnowledge based Learning Experience Management on the Semantic Weben
dc.researchinstituteCyber Technology Institute (CTI)en

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