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dc.contributor.authorRichards, Johnen
dc.identifier.citationRichards, J. (2016) "Stones & Noises” [music performance/composition].en
dc.description.abstractStones and Noises - for stones, scrubbing brushes and noise synths - explores sounds produced by repetitive actions of rubbing stones together and scrubbing with brushes opposed by a noise generator. The piece also presents questions about our relationship with tools and technology.en
dc.publisherPrism Festival, Arizona Sate Universityen
dc.subjectDIY electronicsen
dc.subjectDIY electronic musicen
dc.subjectmusic compositionen
dc.subjectperformance arten
dc.titleStones & Noisesen
dc.researchgroupMusic, Technology and Innovation Research Centreen
dc.funderArizona State Universityen
dc.researchinstituteMusic, Technology and Innovation - Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2)en

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