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dc.contributor.authorMulheron, G.en
dc.contributor.authorHarris, Tinaen
dc.identifier.citationMulheron, G., and Harris T. (2014) A grounded theory study of midwives experiences of supporting women to have a lotus birth. ICM 30th Triennial Congress 1-5th June 2014. Pragueen
dc.description.abstractThis grounded theory study was devised to explore with midwives their experience of supporting women who have chosen to have a Lotus Birth (LB), in order to inform midwifery practice in the future when supporting women in their birth choices. STUDY OBJECTIVES: 1) To gain information about the nature of Lotus Birth. 2) To gain insight into how to support women who would like to have a Lotus Birth experience. 3) To inform midwifery practice about caring for women who choose to have a Lotus Birth. 4) To look at the risk if any posed to babies from the practice of Lotus Birth and to discuss if they do or do not fit any of the recognised parameters of child abuse as defined by the NSPCC(2012). 5) To explore from the midwives perspective their experience of Lotus Birth and to generate theory to explain their experiences. Ethical approval was granted and project designed following national Research ethical standards and codes of conduct (RCN 2009, DH 2005). Midwives with experience of LB were recruited via advertisements placed in journals and websites. Semi structured interviews took place with thirteen midwives who worked in either the NHS or independent midwives. Interviews were analysed using the principles of grounded theory. Midwives described their experiences of LB in detail, expressed their views on whether the practice was harmful to babies, and discussed why women chose it and how women who did, viewed the placenta and its role. The grounded theory which emerged was based on the Core concept that ‘Autonomous Practitioners are better able to support women’s choice’ and ‘the empowerment of women, empowers midwives who in turn, are able to empower women; a ‘cycle of empowerment’. Substantive categories were: women’s choice, power and control, supervision, constraints on practice, past experience and beliefs and philosophy.en
dc.publisherICM 30th Triennial Congress 1-5th June 2014. Prague. Concurrent paperen
dc.subjectLotus birthen
dc.subjectGrounded theoryen
dc.subjectqualitative researchen
dc.subjectmidwives experiencesen
dc.titleA grounded theory study of midwives experiences of supporting women to have a lotus birthen
dc.researchgroupReproduction Research Groupen
dc.researchgroupNursing and Midwifery Research Centre
dc.researchinstituteCentre for Reproduction Research (CRR)en

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