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dc.contributor.authorRichards, Johnen
dc.identifier.citationRichards, J. (2014) "Yoke" [music performance/composition, sound object].en
dc.description.abstractYoke explores the themes of physical labour and oppression, affordance, oblique instrumental strategies and the embodiment of electronic sound. The instrument consists of a copper coil wrapped around a tube containing magnets. The performer is tethered to the tube that represents and takes on the appearance of a yoke. Movement is deliberately restricted and ‘playing’ the instrument is only through angling the yoke so the magnets pass through the tube and coil to create electric current for a DIY analogue drum synth. Short analogue percussive sounds are coalesced in to a large-group physical sound performance piece.en
dc.subjectmusic performanceen
dc.subjectlive electronicsen
dc.subjectDIY electronicsen
dc.subjectparticipatory arten
dc.typeMusical Scoreen
dc.researchgroupMusic, Technology and Innovation Research Centreen
dc.funderAssociation for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture, Radiona/Makerspace, Zagreb, Croatiaen
dc.researchinstituteMusic, Technology and Innovation - Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2)en

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