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dc.contributor.authorAl-Bayatti, Ali Hilalen
dc.contributor.authorAlalwan, Nasser Alwanen
dc.contributor.authorAlzahrani, Ahmed Ibrahimen
dc.identifier.citationAl-Bayatti, A.H. et al. (2015) Security Management Techniques Designed for Mobile Ad Hoc Network of Networks (MANoN). Sensor Letters, 13 (11), pp. 967-979en
dc.description.abstractThe aim of wireless technology is to meet the need for fast, reliable and secure information exchange. Based on collaboration between individual network nodes, the emerging Mobile Ad hoc Network of Networks (MANoN) technology attempts to offer users with anytime and anywhere services in a large heterogeneous infrastructure-less wireless network. The unique characteristics of MANoN makes such networks highly vulnerable to security attacks compared with wired networks or even normal Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET). In any system, providing any components related to security management is an issue; consequently, dealing with an infrastructure-less MANoN will be more challenging. In this article, a novel security management system is proposed based upon recommendation of ITU-T M.3400, which is used to evaluate, report on the behaviour of our MANoN nodes and support the complex services our system might need to accomplish. In addition, we concentrate on providing the essential components (Prevention and Detection) to satisfy the objectives of security requirements (e.g., authentication and authorisation). We will also provide results related to the main metrics used to evaluate the proposed security mechanisms.en
dc.publisherAmerican Scientific Publishersen
dc.subjectSecurity Managementen
dc.subjectAd hoc Networksen
dc.titleSecurity Management Techniques Designed for Mobile Ad Hoc Network of Networks (MANoN)en
dc.researchgroupSoftware Technology Research Laboratory (STRL)en
dc.funderSensor Lettersen
dc.researchinstituteCyber Technology Institute (CTI)en

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